Medical Chest Case, 8 Drawer, Pelican Hardigg
Pistol Belt Grey QR Buckle
"Simmons" Box. New 19 L x 13 W x 10 H
10 Pack Steel Stakes 12"
10' yellow shreds parachute
100 pack KN 95 protective mask,
12 Pack Sail Needles, 5", Curved
16' Frame Tent End Section, New
16' x 32' GP Medium, Used
16'x16' Frame Type Squad Tent
16'x16' Liner Set
16'x16', 32' or 48' Expandable w/Poles
18oz Vinyl Cloth, Water Proof, Grey or White
2 Military Parachute Shackle - MS70086-1-1
2 Quart Canteen New With Used Cover
2 Quart Canteen. NEW
3 Men Hex Tent
36" Steel Stakes
4 Pack Marine Grade Rope Lines
4" Pipe Knee, Adjustable
5 Gal Fuel Can
5 Gal. Water Can
8'6'' Telescopic Center Pole For Arctic Tents
ACU Digital Camo Knee & Elbow Pads Set - Used
Alaska Extreme Cold Weather AF Shelter 20'x32'
Alaska Shelter 18" Steel Stakes, 10 pack
Aluminum Carry Container 12 x 12 x 8
Aluminum Medical Transport Chest
Aluminum Medical Transport Chest 13 1/2 H x 19 1/4 W x 31 1/4 L
Ambu Simulator II Training Manikins
Ammo Can .50 CAL M2A1
Ammo Can 30 Cal. M19A1
Ammo Can, 81mm
APLS Evacuation Stretcher
Arch MGPTS type 3
Arctic 5 Men Tent
Arctic Tent Center Pole 8'3"
Army Drawers Cold Weather, Small, NEW
Army Sweatshirts
Assorted Canvas Military Tents 1940's to 2010's
Base X 103
Base X Rib Pipe
Base-X 305 Tent, 15'x25'
Boot Wall, for MCP / SICP tent
Boxes & Containers
Burner Assy Replacement For M-1950
C9 Canopy Parachute
CamelBak / Moll Hydration System
Camero Portable Food Container, 5 Gallon
Camo Nets, Original GI
Camo Support Pole
Canteen Cup
Canteen Lid, new in pack
Canvas Tarps
Cargo Extraction Parachute, Canopy 22'
Cargo Net, Arial Cargo
Cargo Net, Helicopter Type, Used, 24'
Cargo Shackle
Casualty (Body) Bags, Unused
Center MGPT pole
Chemical Protective Footwear Cover. New
CLEARANCE ! Pilot Ejection Parachute Harness
Clevis Shackle
Cloth, Aramid Satin
Cloth, Duck, Red
Clothing & Footware
Cold Weather Cap, helmet liner
Cold Weather Glove Wool Insert XL, New
Command Post Tent, U.S. M-1945, Used
Command Post Tent System (SICUP)
Cot Cover Replacement
Crew Tent, 4 men
Croutches, Wood, Adjustable
Detachable Chain Link, New
Diamond Brand / Eureka Tent Repair Kit
DRASH "Rib" Replacement Rod
Expandable Vinyl Tarp, 18' x 8' Used & New
Extreme Cold Weather sleeping bag, 'Like New'
Field Hospital Bed
Field Hospital Panel Marker With Red Cross
Field Phone TS-9-AP
Field Phone Wire - New
Field Shower Set, Double Head
Field Tarp Reversible 86" x 78", Used
Field Toilette Sitter. Unused
Field Toilette Sitter. Unused
Floor Mat 13x6
Flyer's Gloves Nomex Sage Green, New
Folding Aluminum Cot, W/New Cover
Folding Table
Frame, Moll Pack Unused
G-12 Cargo Parachute, 64'
G.P. Small / Arctic Tent Liner
General Purpose "Large" 18'x52'
German "Lorenz" Field Phone
German Mermite Food Container, 4 Gallon - 1 part
Giant Size 5'x32' Insect Screen wall
Gloves, ECW Dutch Combat, Leather With Inner Fur
GP Center Pole Male Section Replacement
GP Med / Lg Corner Bracket
GP Medium - New
GP Medium, Used
GP Small Pole Set, Aluminum Telescopic, New
GP Small, Canvas, 17'6" Hexagonal
GP Tent Repair Kit
GQ Parachute Aeroconical-5000
Grommet Punch Set, #4
Ground Anchor, Singles
Hard Cases, Boxes & Cans
Hardig 38" Hinged Transport Case
Hardigg / Zero 20"x20"x15"
Hardigg 19 X 19 X 12H, Like New
HARDIGG 24x 24x 16
HARDIGG 33x 21x 16
Hardigg Cases
Hardigg Gun Case 44"x24"x14"H
Hardigg Hinged Hard Case 36L X 21W X 16H
Hardigg M-16 Rifle Locker Case
Hardigg Personal 18x18x16
Hardigg Personal 23"x16"x15.5"
Hardigg Rolling Medical/Electronic Chest Box 32x18x12
HARDIGG Shock & Vibration Shipping Box
Hardigg Transport Case 30 L x 30 W x 15 H
Hardigg wheeled CCT-301 Case 34x25x11.5
Hargigg 28x26x15
Heat Pack, Reusable, Cold Water Operated
Heaters & Parts
Helmets Steel Pot
Hole Punch, 2"
Hospital Tent 20x32 Unused
Hunter SHA Heater
Immersion Heater, USED, Complete
Improved Combat Shelter
Individual Equipment
Insect Net
Intermediate Weather Sleeping Bag
International Sales
Interspiro SCBA Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
Israeli Army Boxes
Israeli Civilian Gas Mask Size 3
Israeli Vintage Paratrooper Jump Boots
Jerry Can 5gal, Metal, 1950s
Jerry Can 5gal, US GI Metal
Jerry Can Tripod Stand, Unused
Large Camp Equipment
Large Transit Storage Cases
Light / Power Line
Light Box w/outlets
Liner GP Medium Unused
LME Shelter, 24'Wx32'Lx15'H
Lock For Sicup Frame Left or Right
M-1948 Kitchen Tent
M-51 Cold Weather Wool Shirt
M101 3/4 ton Trailer Cover Used
Marines Pistol Web Belt Black Buckle
Mermite Food Container. Complete
Metal & Ammo Cans
MGPT End Pole
MGPT System
MGPT system 18'x18'
MGPT System 18'x36', 18'x54', 18'x72'
Military EMS Bag For Medical Instrument
Military M35A (2.5T) Trucks
Miscellaneous & Deals
Mobile Fueling Staion
MOLLE II Fighting Load Carrier Vest
NATO Food Container Large Pot
NATO German Mil 20 L. Jerry Can
New Frame Type 16'x32' to 64' Expendable Squad Tent
Nomex Flight Gloves
OD Triangular Muslin Compressed Bandage 37x37x52
Original Vintage Army T-shirt
Other U.S. Surplus Cases
Overalls Polartec Cold Weather, Black Polyester Fleece XL
Pair Of Gloves, Trigger Finger, Cold Weather
Parachute Bag (with your canopy)
Parachute Cord
Parachute Main Ext. Skirt 16' Diameter
Parachute, Air Recovery 62.2 FT
Parachutes Canopies
Pelican & Storm Cases On Sale
Pelican 1450
Pelican 1500 Case
Pelican 1550 Hand Case
Pelican 1560 Rolling Case
Pelican 1600
Pelican 1610
Pelican 1620 Case
Pelican 1650 Wheeled Hard Case
Pelican 1660
Pelican 1690
Pelican 1700
Pelican Hand Case AN/PAQ-4C
Poles & Frame Parts
Poles Set, Pup tent 6 sections
Police Face Shield
Polycarbonate Stakes 12" 10 pack
Pressurized aluminum box 27 x 20 x 16.5
Pup Tent, Shelter Halves. Complete
Replacement Fly for USMC 2 men tent, Unused
Ridge Beam 9'
Rifle Rack locker, M-16
Rolling Cases
Rope Slips, 18 Pack
Rubberized Bag
Sand-Bags, New 50 Pack
Shipping Calculator
Size 16 BATES Desert Tan Combat Boots GoreTex
Size 16 Wellco Tan Insulated Waterproof Steel Toe Combat Boots. NEW
SKB Raytheon Server Case
SKB Rolling 'Carry On', Unused
Skydiving Parachute
Sleeping Foam Pad
Small Military Shelters (UP TO 10 MAN)
Solar Shade System Type II, 50'x50'
Spare 8' Tent Purline
Spill Containment Sleeve, 6 pack
Spur roller wheel replacement
Stakes & Anchors
Storm IM2050 Case
Storm IM2400 Hand Case
Storm IM2700
Storm IM2750 Rolling Case
Storm IM2950
Storm IM2975
Stove Jack replacement
Stretcher, Vintage Canvas
Tactical Vest
Tarp 12' x 17', HD Vinyl
Tarps, Cloth, Netting, Truck Covers
Telescopic GP Aluminum Center Pole NEW Unused, 8'6"&10'3".
Temper 8 ft Section, Unused
Temper End Section
Temper Frame Arch Leg
Temper Tents, Expandable Modular 20x32 to 20'x80'
Tent Floor Modular Sections
Tent Floors & Inner Liners
Tent Hemp Rope With Rope Slips
Tent Light Tube
Tent Parts & Add Ons
Tent Poles 5'8" or 6'2" Wood
Tent Stake 18" Steel, 10 pack
Tent Stakes 12" Aluminum, 50 pack
Tent Stakes 24" Wood Unused 10 and 25 Pack
Tent Stakes 9" Aluminum, 50 pack, Used
Tent Stove H-45 Multifuel / Wood Unused
Tent Stove M-1951 w/grate
Tent Telescopic Aluminum Pole new, 5'1" and 7'
Tents & Shelters
Trailer Cover M105, Used on 1-1/2 Ton Trailer
Tri-Fold Shovel
Truck Maintenance Tent
U.S. M14/M16 Rifle Rack / Locker
U.S. WW II Vintage Field Phone
Unused Squad Tent Spare Cloth
US Cotton Canvas Fabric 60" wide
US Marine Corps (USMC) Blue Pants
USMC Field Desk
USMC Holy Jewish Scripture book
USMC Marine Combat 2 man Tent
Vestibule w/Frame, MGPTS & TEMPER
Vestibule, GP Small tent w/Poles
Vietnam Era 35' Vintage Cotton Personal Canopy
Vintage Canvas Tents
Vintage Cold War Belgian Gas Mask M-51 CBB
Vintage Night Vision Carry Case
Vintage Wooden Mallet
Vintage, Collector Items & Movie Props
Web Belt Brass Buckle, New
Welding Cloth, Fiberglass
Wool Blankets, Israeli Military Issue
Wool Serge Twill Cloth, OD Green
Yukon Stove, MultiFuel / Wood Heater, Unused
Yukon Stove, Used
ZERO 42x35x24H Transit Case
Zipper Heads (Sliders), 12 Pack
Mountain Gear Surplus Sales