H45 Heater New in Original Pack

Tent Stove H-45 Multifuel / Wood Unused
Tent Stove H-45 Multifuel / Wood Unused
Item# H45

Rating: 45,000 BTU/hr 13.2 kW

NO COAL GRATE ! WOOD OR FUEL ONLY. This is a "Type II" heater intended for fuel or wood. No coal insert, yet larger space for wood and upgraded removable fuel system.

Accessories Included: Exhaust stack pipe, fuel control valve, stack cap, gravity feed hoses, fuel burner assembly, hose fittings cap (for US metal fuel cans).

Heater is suitable for at least 600 SF of US tents such as all GP's, MGPTS, Expandable Frame tents, Arctics, Tempers, Command Posts etc.

Heater's shell may have some surface rust spots, these burn off when operated and may occur when you store the heater for long periods.

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